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Orgueil suits to fit denim

Since 1864 Mr. Elmwoods and its small tailor shop have been creating customized items out from mass production. Now Orgueil is back with a new tailor made collection with cuts and lines that look back to the past century, as its traditional inspiration wants. Leather vests, canvas gilet, cotton jackets, shirts, formal or more casual suits -...

Date: 28/04/2016
Tags: Orgueil news milan man japan denimfreaks denim collection 2015

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True Religion presents (D)Hydrate Denim

Fashion is more and more eco-friendly. Creating new items and trends keeping an eye on sustainability is in fashion like the Seventies for this spring-summer 2016. In occasion of the last Earth Day, the event that every April 22nd demonstrates support for environmental protection, many initiatives has been presented. In fashion landscape, for...

Date: 28/04/2016
Tags: True Religion news manifacturing denimfreaks denim collection 2016

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Ksubi Women's Spring collection

Bodies and curves wrapped in denim items. A palette which ranges from darkest to brightest colors, for sexy, rock women. As we said for men's collection, once again the multicultural Australian melting pot strikes again in Ksubi creations. Pins, rips, crosses, patchworks, frays and crops are the core of the collection, which items (high...

Date: 21/04/2016
Tags: woman news Ksubi denimfreaks denim collection Australia 2016

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From here to there, Denim in Motion

C'est si ne pas un livre. This is not a book. Better to say that From here to there, Denim in Motion is an emotional object of inspiration and design. This is how Tonello has chosen to celebrate its first 35 years of history with a tribute not only for denim in general, but also for true denim lovers and connoisseurs. “To the world...

Date: 20/04/2016
Tags: news made in italy denimfreaks denim industry denim book 2016

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Ksubi men's Spring collection

Once again, the multicultural melting pot typical of Australia stands out in Ksubi creations. The rock men’s Spring 2016 collection is a tribute to rock and its many different sides, both in music and fashion. Low waisted skinny models are the core of the collection, and they have been proposed in many different new shades and washes....

Date: 13/04/2016
Tags: news man Ksubi denimfreaks denim collection Australia 2016

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Citizens of Humanity Women's Spring '16 collection

Two of the decades that mostly changed the concept of fashion, The "Flower Power" mood of the Seventies with high waisted fits and the beat up stone washes from the Eighties, inspired Citizens of Humanity for the creation of the new Women's Spring 2016 collection. Focused on fit, fabric and wash, the new collection mirrors the...

Date: 13/04/2016
Tags: woman news denimfreaks denim collection Citizens of Humanity 2016

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Leather and denim for the Neuw season

Leather and denim: this is the successful marriage Neuw Denim tries and wins for spring-summer 2016, a collection both for men and women. Dark outfits are juxtaposed with light washes and looks in order to create a perfect mix that ladies and gentlemen can wear for their everyday life, in the morning and for a night-out. During springtime...

Date: 07/04/2016
Tags: woman news Neuw man denimfreaks denim collection 2016

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