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Ucon Acrobatics

According to Ucon Acrobatics denim is not only for jeans, shirts and tees: for this autumn/winter 2016 the brand from Berlin has thought to a total jean outfit where accessories are the real protagonists (but keep calm, we are far from that horrible '90s denim inspiration!). So, here there are bags, backpacks for glamorous men and casual...

Date: 04/02/2016
Tags: Ucon Acrobatics news denimfreaks denim collection 2016

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Superjeans Of Sweden takes all

I thought I I'd seen it all in denim world, but I was wrong. Have you ever noticed many brands say they want to break with tradition? That's not true at all, considering many of them are still so linked to their roots. It's not bad, but ironic. Recently, during the latest Berlin Fashion Week I bumped into a new fresh brand called...

Date: 03/02/2016
Tags: sweden superjeans of sweden news denimfreaks denim 2016

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Indigo People and Denham the Jeanmaker, successfully together again

Forwarned is forearmed, and men, you should write these names down because in the upcoming Spring 2016 you will hear them. I own what I say, and Toru and Hajime will be the master-key of the warm season... After the successful Pre-Spring 2016 collaboration, Indigo People and Denham the Jeanmaker are pleased to show two new scarves embodying...

Date: 28/01/2016
Tags: news Indigo People indigo denimfreaks denim denham Denham creation cotton collection

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Editorial 9

We all know that ISIS controls most of Syrian’s cotton production. Where does this cotton go? Don’t tell me it finally ends up in those five pockets they have always represented freedom in the Western World. Don’t tell me this cotton ends us in our Jeans. Actually, the odds are saying it does. Why? Syrian cotton...

Date: 27/01/2016
Tags: Editorial denimfreaks denim mills denim industry denim

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EVISU Spring Summer 2016 Collection

For an irreverent collection, an irreverent photographer is required. This is the reason why Evisu chose a big name to launch its new SS16 collection: the world renowned Creative Fashion Photographer Terry Richardson. Following the inspiration from time travel as it jets to the future and borrows from the past, the collection is made up two...

Date: 27/01/2016
Tags: news evisu denimfreaks denim collection 2016

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Momotaro goes back to the origins

The attention for every single detail and stitches of the product is what distinguishes Momotaro - "peach boy", the Japanese premium denim brand founded in 2006 in Kojima in Okayama, from all the other companies. New in is the 18oz 100% Zimbabwe cotton Selvedge denim. Real connoisseurs should know Zimbabwean cotton,...

Date: 10/12/2015
Tags: momotaro jeans jeans japan denimfreaks denim 2015 news Zimbabwe

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Pablo jean, the new member of Tenue de Nîmes's family

Menno van Meurs and Rene Strolenberg from Tenue de Nîmes release the new Pablo jean in Memphis Blue, the first step within a collection of timeless garments based on the principles of quality, function and simplicity rooted in the history of jeans. 140 pieces only, each one hand-numbered and presented in a special box: Pablo is a...

Date: 10/12/2015
Tags: Tenue de Nimes denimfreaks denim creation 2015

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