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Long live, emerging talents!

The strong belief in the beauty of exclusive projects created by skillful hands and the conviction that the future belongs to those who give the next generation know-how, creativity, beauty. From one hand Berto's philosophy; on the other the core of the new project that the Italian company famous for its ancient craftsmanship (since 1887)...

Date: 21/07/2016
Tags: talent news denimfreaks denim creative creation Berto 2016

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Mother denim introduces its #LOVEYOUROTHER gender neutral capsule collection. Be free, be who you are, no matter the differences, love your other. On these principles Mother denim has based #LoveYourOther, the latest gender-neutral capsule collection and social media campaign focused on this message. Denim has always been gender neutral,...

Date: 21/07/2016
Tags: news mother denim denimfreaks denim collection 2016

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Gabba goes to Tokyo

With over 30 years' experience in making jeans, Gabba does not need any presentation (we talked about the brand many times, just like here). A career dedicated to denim and from this strong passion, here it came out the idea for the Spring/Summer 2016 campaign: the brand travelled to Tokyo and meet men dedicated to their professions. For...

Date: 13/07/2016
Tags: tokyo news japan gabba denimfreaks denim collection 2016

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Danyaki: a redemption story

The stone mines of Ghana and the natural environment has always been an inspiration for Danyaki, the artist who left Africa and found his fortune in the U.S. Its story is a good story of social redemption, that one that make people think that everyone should have a second chance in their lives. Danyaki was born and raised in a small corner...

Date: 13/07/2016
Tags: US denimfreaks denim Danyaki creative creation art 2016

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Levi’s introduces the denim stretch fabrics

In 1873 Levi’s invented 501® denim jeans. In 2016 the brand introduces a stretch fitting to the rigid model par excellence. Starting from the idea to make better the offer with new innovative fabrics, the iconic brand worked together with textile developers to create a new denim which combines all the Shrink-To-Fit features...

Date: 07/07/2016
Tags: stretch levis denimfreaks denim collection 2016

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Jeans for Refugees by Johny Dar

If John Lennon was alive, he would appreciated this project. And maybe he, that imagined a peaceful world, would support this “fashion” cause. “Imagine a world in which love and respect were the prevailing powers”, John Dar says. And here comes ‘Jeans for Refugees’, the artistic fundraising initiative...

Date: 07/07/2016
Tags: Johny Dar denimfreaks denim collection charity 2016

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Freenote SS 16 collection

The classic American menswear line manufactured exclusively in the United States is back. We are referring to Freenote (we already talked about them here), of course, the brand that sources the finest materials and demands the highest level of craftsmanship in order to offer quality clothing that is made to last. In the SS 16 collection...

Date: 22/06/2016
Tags: US news man Freenote denimfreaks denim collection 2016

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