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Englishman Jason Denham cut his cloth in the workshop of Joe Casley-Hayford, a highly respected English designer renowned for combining sartorialism and anarchy. After 8 years working within the denim industry, he set up his own denim consultancy Clinic+ in Amsterdam, before founding the internationally respected premium jeans brand Blue Blood.

At the beginning of 2008, after extensive travel around Europe, US and Japan, Jason was left with the feeling that the world of denim was starting to lose some of its rightful excitement. It was this feeling that led to the formation of the DENHAM label in 2008.

“The DENHAM label is focused on balancing an intense commitment to progressive design against an equally obsessive respect for jeans craft tradition.”

Jason Denham’s single-minded obsession with denim combined with his diligent attention to detail, is the primary inspiration for the brand. A philosophy that makes up DENHAM’s signature. Manifesting his “jeanmaker” ethic of honest craftsmanship multi- plied by fearless experimentation and invention not only in every jean he creates, but in every garment in the line and every other aspect of the label.

“Our customer is not going to settle for less than jaw dropping, mouth watering, gotta have pieces. The only way we know how to make them is to create our own unique balance of deep authenticity, inventive contemporary detailing and a distinctly modern attitude.”

Amassed over 15 years, the label’s unique DENHAM GARMENT LIBRARY manifests his conviction that deep knowledge comes with extensive research, which is central to the studio’s design approach. The DENHAM GARMENT LIBRARY features an extensive collection of archetypal jean models as well as work wear, military clothing and travel gear from the last century up till to- day.

“By referencing the archive we know the work of our predecessors, both from the recent and distant past. We take inspiration from anyone and anyplace who have produced relevant ideas but we are never content just to reproduce an existing idea. The research feeds our passion and our passion is to move forward”.

Rooting the design process in genuine research ensures each new design manifests the most potent intrinsic characteristics of jeanscraft and the utility tailoring tradition. The design process itself is motivated by a commitment to rigorously modernizing iconic garment styles as well as a focus on individual details. This process is ingrained within the DENHAM mantra “Worship tradition. Destroy convention”. The aim is to develop relevant contemporary designs with a distinct personality that stand on their own while also representing a modest step forward for jeanscraft and the discipline of utility tailoring itself.

DENHAM design stands for denim integrity.


Right now I am busy working on 3 different collections at the same time: fall exit - a  50 pieces PRE XMAS speciality collection for November delivery in stores. I am also busy with the S13 collection and concepts for Fall 2013. Aside from this I am working on a new store opening in Osaka (March 8) and a new women boutique opening in Amsterdam in June.


Color denim has been very strong  for the past 6-12 months and I see this will continue for the same period, both mens and ladies. Indigo will never die and will get stronger towards the end of this year. Darker more sophisticated clean finishes are going to lead the trend this year.


The history of our industry is very important, last week i was in LA at the inspiration fair by Rin Tanaka, it was great to see a bunch of denim freaks getting excited about the history of denim. This is the best source of inspiration for the future.

Scott Morrison
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