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The main things of "JAPANESE JEANS" industrial development history is a splits of artisan in OKAYAMA, and it has been developing from local industry which date back to Edo period, to now.

During 1960's Japan became the high growth period and also "TOKYO OLYMPIC Game" came. At the same time, adoration to Jeans was raised up by young generation who was able to afford their life by themselves. They wanted to wear jeans for cool way like their screen hero as Jimmy Dean or Keiich Akagi. They were rushing to grabed money and went to second hand shop to buy a Jeans. At that time, Japanese industry wanted to produce domestic Jeans to see the increasing markets grow. However,the status quoof Japanese Jeans production seans were as far from genuine Jeans. The word of denim is almost equal with the woed of jeans. The capital of denim industry was USA for a long time. The Jeans maker which rise in a stream until 1975 in Japan (specially KOJIMA area and IBARA area in OKAYAMA), just crazy about to purchasing a denim fabrics from the USA. At that same time, local weaver realized that Okayama had been the capital of cotton weaves since Edo Period in Japan.

In 1967, dyeing factory in Okayama succsseded in providing continuous dyeing to improving industrial production based on their traditional natural indigo dyeing technique. In 1970, dyeing factory in HIROSHIMA analyzed construction of American high quality denim and developed the first domestic rope dyeing machine which improved process of rope dyeing system at that time. Their founder's spirits had been bringing the traditional technique such as color and texture into the modern jeans world. Since 1980, the process of ring-spin yarn with rope-dyed which had been omitted by rational minds of the world, still continue in Japanese denim industry by the obsessive Japanese minds. Now, people come back to "Genuine Denim",and the obsessive spirits of Japanese is one of the factor to get high evaluation from the world.

Soon, domestic major cotton mills intensified to against the denim material to be along with this movement. Major spinning mill in KURASHIKI expanded spinning facilities for thick yarn count, and they build the first model of domestic heavy ounce denim, and then garment manufacture in KOJIMA made the first model of genuine domestic jeans in 1973. After that, a needs of domesticjeans has been increasing and the production fields of jeans has been formed around west-side Japan, especially at "BIT-TYU" and "BINNGO"erea, by the better infrastructure of textile industry.

"MOMOTARO'S STORY" which is one of the five major folks-tail in Japan, has been passing hands down from generation to generation and has being loved by people. Generally, people thought the loots of this story might be "U-ra's legend " which is also a folk lore around "KIBI" aria in Okayama. So, there are many mysterious spot in this area. In this story, "MOMOTARO" is delivered from BIG peach which drifted down through the river, and people usually beleave so. However, to tell the truth, "MOMOTARO's story" used to a rejuvenation story until early "Meiji-period such as elderly couple eat peaches then they rejuvate and had a baby boy. (That’s why OKAYAMA).

Rejuvenation version of "MOMOTARO" was created to express the dream and the vital power for expand to the word from small island. This was a folk tail which is not only for children. There were many dreamers in "KIBI LAND" (OKAYAMA) since long ago. "MOMOTARO JEANS" is also the story of dreamer who has been keeping up with their dream that "to spread out genuine jeans from OKAYAMA to the world.


Premium thing, it should continue to be loved for a long time.
Could keep long time and fitting comfortably, great natural fades denim.


Simply when I got new denim, I’m always exciting how it fades at this time.
Boring, not yet bored.


There is a lot of potential in the market, people like to wear comfort and functional.
But for vintage lovers, not interest in the end. Because of fades different.

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Fran├žois Girbaud
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