Matias Sandoval

“My passion chose me, not the other way around.”
Matias Sandoval holds a BFA from the USC Roski School of Fine Arts. About a dozen years ago, after some extensive foundation courses in Conceptual Art and Ceramic Form, he found himself sitting behind a sewing machine, determined to better understand its functionality and its limitation.
Through “deconstruction” and exploration of garment “re-construction”, he very quickly fell in love with the process of making clothing.
“I’m a self-taught tailor, pattern-maker and designer.” Matias explains.
After working as a sort of artist-in-residence at a local denim laundry from 2004 - 2008, the MATiAS namesake began shipping both men’s and women’s capsule collections primarily to Japan and a handful of specialty boutiques here in the United States.
In 2008 he began crafting one-of-a-kind pieces for NBA, NHL players and really began to understand the niche in which he currently resides. Over the past decade, the line has ‘evolved’ from a heritage inpspired denim line to a ‘Avant-Garde inspired’ collection.
The collection is now sold to some of the top luxury boutiques in the United States, Japan, Canada and China. Made in small, sometimes limited runs, everything is still hand-tailored in a small artist studio in Southern California. MATiAS is a Post-Heritage, Post-Modern brand of tomorrow.


I think the word Premium is extremely over used... And for good reason, there is a ton of high quality denim available out there.  But there is Premium...and then there is PREMIUUUMMMM. I think it all starts with the cotton really. Where is it sourced? How is the yarn produced? What is the yarn dying process? And then its to weaving and finishing the goods. All of those elements need to be on point, the ingredients have got to be "Top Quality" for there to be any chance the end result will be considered Premium in my opinion.
Furthermore, I really have a hard time with the description of a 'cut' being premium. Cut and Fit should always, always be carefully considered no matter what you are making. Otherwise your Premium Denim Fabric is essentially wasted. The fabric should inform the fit and the fit should suggest the proper fabric. This consideration from a design standpoint should always be well executed. Factor in legitimate brand DNA, poignant details and an Epic wash; (wash that highlights the garment and brings out the natural and RAW guts of the fabric) and you got yourself a pair of Premium Denim.


Denim is a free-spirited, liberating and iconographic fashion element that has such a concrete definition. I love exploring and testing those limits to find what works and what does not! From the conception of an idea, working with a mill to produce fabric to help realize the vision and then hearing feedback from the end consumer. The end User, their brave loyalty to a brand being the key factor makes this circle complete.
Its love all the way around!
Im so sick of seeing both existing and emerging brands using these amazing, PREMIUM fabrics, cutting a basic 5 pocket jean, slapping a logo on a piece of leather and calling it ART-isinal denim. BORING.


Some of our International retail partners are not really interested in the idea, but I do see that more and more American consumers are accepting stretch selvedge. Mills like Candiani, who really know stretch well,have been making some amazing stretch selvedge fabrics that have just the right amount of stretch with the right amount of classic, selvage loomed notes. Personally, I gravitate toward what is referred to as 'novel' fabrics (I just consider them GOOD) so depending on the silhouette of the piece, a stretch selvage can be an amazing garment and a great addition to anybody's denim collection.  Im curious and excited to see where stretch selvage will go and I think its here to stay... At least for a while.

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Federico Chicco Barina
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