Panos Sofianos

Born in 1953 Thessaloniki Greece, i studied Business Administration in the University of Thessaloniki.
I started in Apparel business from 1981 to 1984 as Product Development Manager for license denim brands, Zanella Italy, for a Greek manufacturing company.
From 1984-94 worked as Denim PD Manager for Diesel-Replay.
Responsible for relations between Greek company and  Italian partners working in person with the founders Renzo Rosso and Claudio Buziol.
I was the co/founder of Union Trade Jeans which became amongst the first in sales denim brand in Greece.
From late 1994 to early 1997 worked as PD Director for Indigo S.A in Athens, for brands Lois, Lee and Cooper.
From late 1997 to late 2008  i worked as Head R&D in Hellenic Fabrics in Greece.
This position has been crucial  for the continuation of my Denim career, allowing me to learn as an insider more about the real values of the nature, production and philosophy of Denim.
During my work in HF i collaborated  with R&D of Diesel-Replay, Levi’s, Lee and G-Star.
Since  early 2009 up to Dec 2015 have been working as Creative and Marketing Director for the company Tejidos Royo in Valencia, Spain.
Founded and developed  the Fabric  brand Denim Valley by Royo, which was totally dedicated to sustainability and custom made denim products.
I have launched the following lines:
Hybridenim based on eco minded denim from - post production - wastage fibers  
Renascut Denim made from post consumer clothing .
Red Light Denim in collaboration with the House of Denim in Amsterdam, a line made with recycled used jeans of Amsterdam citizens .
The CerOAgua dedicated to low water-chemicals and energy dyeing process.
One  latest project  was  the Wear-Tech Denim line of special duty denim fabrics dedicated to urban mobility - active gear performance jeans wear.
I collaborated for the launch of Armalith 4.0 Denim of Royo’s subsidiary company Royotec, a line of special Motorcycle denims that feature high resistance to friction .
Worked in custom made projects for companies : Diesel - G-Star, Hugo Boss, K.O.I., Tommy Hilfiger Europe and Scotch&Soda.
In the US, A.G, Citizens of Humanity, J Brand, Polo, 7 For All Mankind.
I was in charge for the communication and promotion of the company in conferences and trade shows world wide, creating  concepts of Trade shows as Kingpins, Denim PV and Premiere Vision Paris and Blue Zone.
Since last April have been recruited by Munich Fabric Start working as New Business Manager at Blue Zone, new concept The Key House, a platform to project latest developments on Fibers, Fabrics, High end performance, Sustainability, Transparency, Trend forecasting, Machinery and more.


From its latin origin, Premium means "The Best and Unique", the one and only.
Therefore to name a pair of jeans like that it must be made with the Best ingredients and craftsmanship.
Mainly Raw with it's original color, harsh, fit must be also studied and the accessories also very well placed.
It's exactly as a bottle of Malt Whisky, a Cuban Cigar, a Swiss Watch or a pair of Hand made Shoes.


Boring... Destroyed, repaired with patches, whiskers, bleached, low crotch, skinny fit...
Exciting is a new fiber, new indigo color, a new 3x1 weave, new function features as for instance a pair of Motor cycle strong duty jeans, a water-repellent commuter pair, a skateboard flexy jeans and so. Denim has to be revamped, reinvented.


Seems as the missing puzzle piece. Selvedge it's a sign of authenticity. In Stretch works as a gimmick to sell to classic end users.

Pictures by ©Team Peter Stigter

Piero Turk
Matias Sandoval
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