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Two countries famous for their know-how and spirit of innovation, Italy with the cities of Milan and Bergamo, and the U.S. with Los Angeles, combined their heritages to create a showcase of head-to-toe looks. This is the story of FINEFUSIONS, born thanks to the partnership between Albiate 1830, Candiani Denim and MATiAS DENiM.
From one hand the gold standard of quality in the textile industry (Albiate 1830 and Candiani Denim); to the other the style of Matias Sandoval (MATiAS DENiM).
In the creation of this project, Albiate 1830, a leading innovator in the realm of lightweight fabrics, provided material for the top portions (jackets, vests, shirts, and tunics), Candiani contributed the highest quality of lowerwear denim material for the bottoms and MATiAS DENiM worked created this denim-based collection, which was exhibited at Candiani’s industrial Downtown Los Angeles office in the end of June.
Steeped in the Italian traditional craftsmanship and guided by global innovation in technology, the Made in Italy brands articulated the look instilled of Italian style for a new generation of consumers: comfortable, stylish, and uncompromising in quality and design. The fusion of their visions and expertise has been completed by Mr. Sandoval who created a totally unique interpretation of various Albiate/Candiani patterns and textures. “The collection is showcasing the range of textures and colors within Albiate’s light and mid-weight fabrics, juxtaposed alongside - and sometime merged with - the more traditional Candiani denim.  It's been a really fun, experimental approach to making luxury casual-wear in Los Angeles with Italian sensibility” said Mr. Sandoval.
During the showcase, guests experienced the complementary craftsmanship of the brands, the process of denim washing and received one of designer Matias Sandoval’s trademark denim hats, crafted with both Albiate 1830 and Candiani materials. Using laser technology, guests personalized their hats with a design of their own making.
“The market for denim is thriving; more than ever, consumers and designers alike are demanding high-end denim of impeccable quality” said – Silvio Albini, President of the Albini Group talking about its collaboration with Candiani Denim.
Just like good ingredients make a good dish we believe that high-quality fabrics make a high-end garment. With Fine Fusions, Albiate and Candiani give you a unique Italian tasting experience” completed Alberto Candiani, Global Brand Manager of the brand.

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