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Behind every great man there is a great woman. And behind a cool brand there is a cool fashion designer. From one hand Fidelity Denim; to the other Jason Trotzuk (founder and creative director of the label) and his genius that has been serving denim business for 20 years so that FD has been appointed as one of the most desirable brands in North America.
It was in 2005 when the Made in LA brand launched the first women line; in 2009 men’s closet. Different years and trends in fashion, but the same core principles and (not by chance) fidelity: staying true to fit, fabric and finish. The wish is to create modern and iconic jeans with a focus on premium fabric, amazing fits and unique finishes that everybody can wear. Each item, in fact, is meticulously built and fashioned looking at every single detail engineered by hand. FD is one of the few remaining denim brands to cut, sew and wash in the City of Angels; moreover, every rip, tear, stitch, whisker and fade is made by hand – and this marks the difference.
Following the motto “stay true to make great jeans”, Mr. Trotzuk and his team create by picking custom-made fabrics from the best Italian and Japanese mills, then shaped through a winning combination of expert tailoring and premium fabrication.

Bryan McKenzie



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