Danyaki: a redemption story

Danyaki: a redemption story

The artist from Ghana

The stone mines of Ghana and the natural environment has always been an inspiration for Danyaki, the artist who left Africa and found his fortune in the U.S. Its story is a good story of social redemption, that one that make people think that everyone should have a second chance in their lives.
Danyaki was born and raised in a small corner slum of Ghana, West Africa, the land he left in order to look for some freedom, the one he found in New York City, where he had the opportunity to explore his curiosity and love for art and design. Interests or better passions that he turned into a job thanks to the meeting with an experienced designer.
Natural environment, such as that one he lived when he was in Ghana, and art studios are the bases of his creations, exposed both in Africa and New York City. A talent developed during the studies at Fashion Institute of Technology, School Of Visual Art and Pratt Institute for industrial design, all in New York City. A curiosity partially satisfied thanks to the travels around the world, such as the return to Ghana (never forget your roots!) and the Chinese journey.
What will we expect for the future? Maybe more travels to kindle its creative and the creation of new incredible artworks.

Julie Parfaits

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