Denim Editorial 02

Denim Editorial 02

The new premium era: wealthy and healthy

It is now many years we hear of added values and any sort of performance woven into Denim.
We went trough “anti-cellulites” fibers, cooling yarns, moisturizing contents…
But 2014 has brought to the World’s attention a completely new phenomenon: Active Wear.
For the true indigo lovers this new story may sound weird, almost wrong, but the market has already been responding in a pretty strong way.
Most of the Denim industry seems to fight Lulu Lemon.
Wait a second… Lulu Lemon?!
Yes and the reason is extremely simple: the biggest “Premium” Denim consumer of the last decade was the wealthy lady (also known as “soccer mom”) who could spend a fortune in five pockets jeans.
Today, the same ladies, are wearing Lulu Lemon or similar active wear. They really are, as much as they wear Denim, or even more.
Because it’s comfy and it shapes you well.
Because the new decade culture is very much into sports and healthy life style.
Wealthy and healthy.
Some of the leading Denim mills such as Candiani, Orta and Isko have already presented interesting fabrics in the last trade shows.
It will be very interesting to see which Denim brands will adopt these fabrics and how will they try to compete in this new “sporty era”.

Axel & Victor
Credits: pictures by Candiani Denim

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