Jeanologia: “One Glass, One Garment”

Jeanologia One Glass One Garment

The revolutionary finishing process minimizes the use of water in jean finishing

Technology is the best plus for fashion: it drives the transformation of the sector, nowadays it can keep an eye on eco-friendly innovations and transforms the textile industry for real. Just have a look to Jeanologia’s way to work and its One Glass, One Garment, the new process that minimizes the use of water in jean finishing.
Until now, the company has preferred sustainable solutions and reduced the amount of water that is needed to give the final look of jeans to a single glass – when on average 70 liters of water are used. This is how One Glass, One Garment works by combining Jeanologia technologies: laser, the ozone G2 and the nanobubbles eFlow. This revolutionary sustainable process achieves with eFlow technology authentic vintage finishes, dark look, soft type rinse, aged and dirty and natural used effects.
“We want to contribute to the transformation of the jeans industry in order to make the industry transparent, efficient, automated and creative”, comments Enrique Silla, CEO of Jeanologia, who, talking about One Glass, One Garment, adds: “It is a milestone for the textile industry because it transforms the process of production of jeans in the world. Thanks to the technology we have managed to reduce the expenditure of water more than 90%. We can create a beautiful and authentic product in a sustainable way without harming the environment”.
But this isn’t the only novelty of the company: there is also the Light Sensitive Fabric (LSF) test, a study that analyzes the reaction of fabrics to the new sustainable processes, in order to achieve the desired looks and washes by reducing the consumption of water, chemicals and energy. This tool makes it easier to classify fabrics that are most appropriate to achieve fashion finishes, natural and vintage, with low environmental impact, without using traditional techniques as manual scraping and the spraying of potassium permanganate. “We can produce a fashionable and sexy product in a sustainable manner and without cost to the environment. What matters is not only the product itself but the way it’s made, which is part of the DNA of this product”, concluded Mr. Silla.
Bryan McKenzie

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