PRPS presents #denimdemocracy

PRPS presents Denim Democracy

Jeans are fashion democracy

The U.S. genius and the Japanese craftmanship are an incredible case of success. Take Donwan Harrell and his PRPS brand. Everybody in the world loves denim, and everybody has a pair of jean in his closet. From one hand, it is not always so easy for designers re-creating a must have with a century of history season after season; however, from the other one, if fashion can dictate trends, it can’t decide what people wear.
According to the founder, the first American designer who brought Japanese denim jeans to the United States, “fashion is the freedom to choose any style that represents who I am”. Starting from this topic, Mr. Harrell introduces the concept of Denim Democracy: if PuRPoSe’s goal is to craft quality denim made with integrity, letting people free to decide is the new “in”.

Bryan McKenzie

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