PRPS x Donovan Livingston

PRPS x Donovan Livingston

What’s your PRPS?

Donovan Livingston may not need any introduction, but for those who missed the “case” of this spring here it is a quick recap.
Harvard, May 2016: during his graduate’s commencement speech a man, named Donovan Livingston, charmed his classmates and the entire world with a spoken-word poem called Lift Off about some differences in American education and how the new generation of professors can overcome these obstacles.
The video of Donovan Livingston’s speech became viral (Hillary Clinton and Justin Timberlake also shared it) and now this incredible guy able to focus the worldwide attention about the message that through education you can achieve anything, is once again in the spotlight, thanks to PRPS.
“Stand up for what you believe in” he says in PRPS’s video-project, where he pushes young people to find their own purpose in life as he already did: “My purpose is to help create an experience, a lifestyle, a situation where students, or people in general, are able to walk in their own purpose, in ways that they never could have imagined.”
Because, as Donovan says, everyone has its own place in this world and working together we can change anything wrong.
He believes in it, and you?
Don’t miss the video. Watch it here.

Julie Parfaits

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