Tonello launches SaniCare

Static cabinets and a new technology for sanitizing garments and ensuring safety

Being at the technological forefront turned out to be a successful choice for Tonello. For 40 years the Italian company has been a reference point for the most important laundry and dyeing companies all over the world, and the reliably and safely use of ozone puts Tonello in a very good position, especially in these uncertain and unprecedented times.

For centuries ozone has been used to disinfect, sterilize, render non-toxic water, air, and surfaces in the fields of food, medicine, pharmaceutical and fashion, to sanitize and disinfect garments, accessories, and equipment. And now more than ever, during the global emergency caused by the COVID-19, it is so important and useful. Brands that already use Tonello machines can now “update” them with a new disinfecting technology: a complete sanitizing range can be installed on all of the washing and dying machines, while a specific software upgrade allows conversion of the ozone technologies already in use for the treatment of denim (Ofree, ECOfree or ECOfree 2) to also allow sanitizing and disinfecting. And what about those who are not yet using Tonello equipment? The company has a ready-to-use solution: SaniCare.

Available in different sizes and adaptable to all commercial environments, this is a new range of static cabinets for sanitizing and disinfecting garments, accessories, and protective devices very easy to use that allows garments to be re-readied for trying on or for sale in just a few minutes. SaniCare neutralizes most known pathogens: the customer in a shop can try on garments with complete confidence that there are no dangerous viruses or any dermatological contaminations.

While we are all waiting for a cure, or a vaccine, a step ahead comes from the fashion industry. Once again, the proof that we are in this all together. The Great Lockdown affected all the industries and now more than ever we need to look ahead, to create a better future. Just like Tonello has always done for the last 40 years.

Julie Parfaits

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